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What are Multivitamins & Do I Need to Take Them?

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While multivitamins only have “vitamins” in their name, multivitamins usually include a mix of several important vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are key nutrients that are involved in everything our bodies do–they function to help our bodies work their best.

Depending on which ones you take, vitamins and minerals help us get cellular energy from our food, provide muscle support, support our immune systems, and promote overall health.* They are critical to our health and we must get them through food and/or supplements.

Who should take a multivitamin?

Multivitamins help ensure people get the nutrients they need every day. Although anyone can typically benefit from a daily multivitamin, certain people may find them especially helpful. If any of the following apply to you, consider adding a multivitamin to your daily routine. Check with your health care professional to see if a multivitamin would be right for you.

  • Different life stages: At different life stages, our nutrients need change. Adolescence, pregnancy, aging – these are all points in our lives that have different nutritional requirements. Our bodies change over time, and therefore our nutrient needs can change as well. There are multivitamins designed for these different life stages to help you get nutrients you may need, whatever stage you’re in now.
  • Food allergies/intolerances: Depending on your specific allergies or food intolerances, you may have to avoid entire food groups. For example, if you are allergic to dairy, then you may not be eating milk-based foods, which are rich in calcium. If you are intolerant to gluten, then you may not be eating many foods from the bread aisle that are fortified with B-vitamins. Adding a multivitamin to supplement your diet can help you get these missing nutrients.
  • Keto/Paleo/other eating plans: There are several popular eating plans and diets that restrict specific foods or food groups. Removing entire food groups from what you eat can lead to not getting enough essential nutrients. For example, if you limit grains, you may be missing out on some important B-vitamins. Adding a multivitamin can help fill in some of these missing nutrients. Removing fruits or beans means that you may not get enough fiber, so fiber supplementation, like vitafusion™ FiberWell gummies, can help meet your fiber needs.
  • Food preferences: It's a fact. Kids aren't the only picky eaters. And if you find yourself avoiding specific foods or food groups, you may be missing certain nutrients in your diet. One benefit of a multivitamin is helping ensure you get the vitamins and minerals you need.
Vitafusion gummy multivitamins are easy to work into daily routines.

What are the benefits of multivitamins?

There are several benefits of taking a multivitamin every day:

  • Variety: Our bodies need a wide mix of nutrients every day to function well. It’s important to get these nutrients every day, preferably through your diet but also by taking a multivitamin.
  • Convenience: Multivitamins provide several key nutrients conveniently taken together in one serving.
  • Cover your bases: Taking a multivitamin helps get nutrients you might need, especially if you think your diet is not meeting your nutritional needs. 

Should you take a multivitamin daily?

Taking a multivitamin daily helps ensure that you have the nutrients you may need every day. Your health care professional can help you decide if a multivitamin is right for you.

How to choose a multivitamin?

It can feel overwhelming to choose from the wide variety of multivitamins available at the store or online. Talk with your healthcare professional to help you make the best choice for you.

Vitafusion™ gummies have been made since 1998 and are a leading gummy vitamin for adults. Our great-tasting gummy vitamins are easy to take and delicious! Their great taste has earned the ChefsBest® Excellence Award on select products, which means that vitafusion™ gummies surpass the high-quality taste and product standards established by ChefsBest’s independent chefs.^ If you have a hard time swallowing pills, or just want a delicious way to take your multi, vitafusion™ gummy vitamins are a wonderful solution.

Multivitamin Gummies from vitafusion™

Some of the great gummy multivitamin options that vitafusion™ offers are:

  • MultiVites - delicious multivitamin gummies providing essential vitamins, minerals and yummy fruit flavors - 12 essential nutrients to support everyday health for all.*
  • Women’s Multivitamin - provides vitamins and minerals essential to women’s health including B vitamins for energy metabolism,* and key vitamins A, C and D.
  • Men’s Multivitamin - formulated to address the health needs of men with Vitamin D for muscle support*, B vitamins for energy metabolism*, and delicious fruit flavors.
  • Women’s Sugar Free Multi – the benefits of a sugar free multivitamin formulated for women.
  • Prenatal – the multivitamin specifically crafted for those who are thinking about getting pregnant or those who already are, including key nutrients like folate and omega-3 fatty acids sourced from fish oil.

It’s worth repeating – it’s always best to check with your health care professional about your specific health needs. 

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^Products must earn the ChefsBest® Excellence Award by surpassing quality standards established by professional chefs. Evaluation funded by Church & Dwight Co., Inc.