Immune Support

5 Ways to Support Your Immune System

Woman drinks smoothie to support her immune health.

Your immune system is a complicated and amazing set of coordinated processes in your body that work together for your body’s health. Immune health is when all these systems are working well together. Like the foundation on a house, your immune system sets the foundation for a healthy body.

There are things you can do to help your immune system do its job and provide a good foundation. In this article, we'll talk about 5 ways to support your immune system.

What are ways to support your immune system?

Your immune system does a better job when you take care of yourself. There are things you can do every day: eating well, getting enough sleep, moving your body, and washing your hands can all help give your immune system a helping hand.

1. Eat Well

We all know that eating well is important, but did you know that choosing nutritious foods also helps support your immune system? Choose a wide variety of nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, as well as lean proteins to help provide the building blocks for healthy living. It’s important to eat a variety of foods because each food has its own unique blend of vitamins and/or minerals.

Eating a diet full of these nutrients makes sure your body gets what it needs to run smoothly. Some nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc are especially important for immune health. You can find vitamin C in many fruits and vegetables, vitamin D in milk, and zinc in meats.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Are you one of millions of Americans who don't get enough sleep regularly? In addition to feeling groggy, not getting enough sleep also makes it harder for your immune system and body to work at their best. Current recommendations are teens should aim for 8-10 hours of sleep per night while adults should get at least 7 hours of sleep.

If you’re finding it tough to get enough sleep, there are lots of things to try. Take a break from screens an hour before bed, avoid caffeine or nicotine several hours before bedtime, and make sure your bedroom is cool and comfortable.

3. Wash Your Hands

You've heard it before but we'll say it again—one very simple but effective way to support your immune health is to wash your hands regularly. Washing your hands well with soap and water sends germs, bacteria and dirt down the drain, rather than having them on you or passing them to others.

The secret to handwashing success is to make sure you are washing your hands long enough—doctors recommend 20 seconds. A quick scrub and rinse don’t count and may not remove all harmful bacteria or viruses. One simple trick is to hum the happy birthday song two times through while washing your hands.

4. Move Your Body

Physical activity provides a lot of benefits for our bodies: it helps our immune system, helps you sleep better, and can even improve mental health. In fact, our bodies are designed to be active.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults get 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, 5 times per week. Moderate exercise is defined as activity that raises your heart rate but doesn’t push it too high. In general, you should be able to talk while doing the activity, but not be able to sing. The goal is to make activity an ongoing part of your daily lifestyle.

Exercise and regular physical activity can be a useful part of helping your immune system work for you. It doesn’t have to be an official exercise program, though that can work too! Other easy ways to increase physical activity include walking as often as you can, mowing the lawn, and dancing.

Looking for easy ways to increase your activity? Instead of a coffee date at a café with a friend, grab the coffee to go and walk while catching up. Rather than watching a movie with your children, go to a local park and play. Try a new dance class or take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. There are so many ways to incorporate activity into your lifestyle – find what works for you! Your body and immune system will thank you for the help.

5. Supplement Your Immune Support

You may be wondering, are there supplements that may help support immune health? The good news is yes! Several vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc, can help support immune health.* They can be taken individually or in a multivitamin.

Here are some great vitafusion™ gummy vitamins for immune support*:

  • Power Zinc: a delicious, strawberry-tangerine flavored gummy containing high potency zinc per serving for immune support*, plus vitamin C.
  • Multi + Immune: the benefits of a daily multivitamin plus immune support all in one gummy vitamin serving with a fantastic strawberry-tangerine flavor.*
  • Triple Immune Power: contains RenewX™ Prebiotic, which nourishes the digestive tract, along with zinc and vitamin D for immune support in an elderberry and lemon flavored gummy.*
  • Power C Extra Strength: these delicious, tropical citrus-flavored gummy vitamins provide 500 mg of Vitamin C in every 2-gummy serving to help support your immune system.*
  • Vitamin D: These yummy gummies provide 250% of the Daily Value of vitamin D per serving and are made with peach, blackberry and strawberry flavors.

Our immune system may be complex, but lifestyle behaviors to support health are easy! Being active, nourishing your body with healthy foods, washing your hands, getting enough sleep, and choosing supplements when appropriate can all help you support your immune system and build a strong foundation of health for your body.

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